Parimatch Roulette

The collection of games on Internet gaming venues are large and diverse, the oldest representative of the sphere is roulette. This game has its roots in ancient times when it was known as the Wheel of Fortune. In the past and today, this is a game of chance. A punter should rely on luck and hope for winning.

Roulettes were widespread during the times of land-based casinos. However, they don’t lose their popularity today. Thousands of modern gamblers can test their skills playing online roulettes, the best examples of which can be found on Parimatchwin.

Being a high-quality gaming platform, Parimatch offers several games including various kinds of roulettes. They’re not only different versions of the game presented, but also variations created with interesting styles, which make the gambling process even more exciting.

How to Play Roulette

At Parimatch, punters can enjoy the most popular versions of roulette, which are:

  • European
  • American
  • French

Every type has its peculiarities and requires the understanding of the rules to increase the opportunities to win. Thus, European roulette is the most common kind of game, which is preferable for plungers worldwide. It is characterized by clear terminology and has only one ‘zero’ sector. It means that the risks to lose are not very high as ‘zero’ is able to take all the money from a gamer.

French roulette is the oldest version of the game and has almost the same rules as a European version. However, the terminology is different, which makes it difficult for many gamers. In addition, there’re fewer betting options available to punters. A ‘zero’ sector is single though.

Now we come closer to the trickiest type of the roulette – the American version. Such a variety is recommended only to the advanced players, who are absolutely aware they know the rules and can build their own strategy. This version of the Wheel of Fortune contains two ‘zero’ sectors, so it’s required to be very attentive when making bets.

The general rules are equal for all versions. Punters can bet on colors and numbers. The bets are made on a special table presented on the screen. Bets on numbers bring higher prizes, but they are more difficult to win. There’re 36 sectors (plus 1-2 zero(-s)). Half of them are black, while the others are red. A dealer is to throw a small ball to let it land on one of the sectors.

There’re inside and outside bets. In the first case, a punter can bet on a definite group of numbers, while outside bets don’t involve any specifications (for example, they can bet on a certain color, column, etc.). The payouts depend on a type of bet, so it’s advisable to carefully read the rules before starting to play.

Roulette Bonuses

Bounties are created to make a player more interested in a certain casino and encourage continuing playing and making replenishments of an account. Parimatchwin offers various types of bonuses, which can be used to play for free or to odds in a game.

The following kinds of additions are proffered:

  • Welcoming award
  • Weekly bounties for deposits
  • Interesting promos devoted to special events/holidays

Note that extras are not usually accessible in live casino games, so it’s impossible to use them in Live Dealer roulettes. As for purely roulette additions (when it concerns video games), punters can enjoy free chips or credits to make bets. Besides, at Parimatch you can play roulette for free without signing up to try luck and train.